Nike Football Society Writing Example

In a Rumor Mill-filled day for NFS off-the-field action, Jamal Jimoh has been the center of attention. First, there were claims that he wanted a trade, causing concern for Jimoh’s reputation as a team player. Then his captain, Jayson Rodriguez, made a serious statement to the League with many valid points. And now, Jamal Jimoh, clearly unhappy with the situation, has decided to let his NFS Agent, Nick Cannon, make a statement on his behalf.

In a direct email to this writer this afternoon Cannon exclaimed on behalf of his client:

“To Whom it May Concern,

This article paints my client as a headache, and that’s not at all what we’re after. Jamal has been a solid contributor for each organization that’s been lucky enough to have him since his arrival in NFS last season. What athlete worth their salt doesn’t want to be in the game helping to push their team to victory? He’s a fierce competitor and the league needs to see the Terrio end zone dance in the regular season and the playoffs. These are his prime playing years and Jimoh hasn’t demanded a trade so much as he’s demanded to be put in a position to be a factor. I’m not against exploring a package deal for him and rookie stand out Dollie Bishop (@DollieSierra).

-Nick C.”

Jimoh is one of the League’s brightest and best personalities. In my opinion, he is the best center in the League, but has not been given his opportunities to contribute as the Schemers have fallen to 1-2 to start the 2013 season. This statement from his agent speaks for itself as far as Jamal’s willingness to sacrifice for his teammates, wherever he lands come the trade deadline.


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