I was exploring what LA calls “Little Persia” yesterday, and stumbled into the coolest little market. I asked the store manager (she spoke no English) if I could take some pictures of their mixed nuts…


Which led me to the raisins…


And the … yogurt milk? How’s that for non-dairy!


Who doesn’t love coriander? Confession:  I didn’t know what this was until I filmed my new series No Worries Curry.P1100232

I’m pretty sure this is cheese:


Tochal Market has the beef. Sorry, Arby’s.


I love me some big juicy melons in the morning 🙂


OK so….. the nice lady may not have spoken English but she does speak my language… she gave me free food after seeing my photos!

It’s a nut sack!

Do yourself a favor and go try out the Tochal Market in Westwood if you’re ever on the westside. I hear the yogurt milk is a supreme probiotic!

After the market, I went to dinner at Shaherzad. The best dry fish I’ve had in LA. (Yes, I ate the head). And be sure to check out their naan bread process. It’s art!


Do you have a restaurant or market in LA that you’d like me to review?

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